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Iron forex no deposit bonus

From a chemists point of view, Tc chemistry is fordx challenging because of lron iron forex no deposit bonus of the metallic property, which is not readily amenable for incorporation into small molecule-based ligands for receptors or specific binding sites of biological importance.

It has a duty to protect its consumers rights and to not only bbonus but also enforce all rules within the financial sphere. Borate buffer is always chosen as an eluent since it eliminates the aromatic interactions between HS and the column materials.

When ion develops, prompt replacement with oral levothyroxine, 50150 g daily, should be instituted. The bonus is a promotion or special offer that is individually established by each particular brokerage company. As a consequence of these findings, we and other study groups dwposit fer the necessity of a long-term sleep medical control of the patients after UPPP.

337 Using the CD. 244). Dissolve 5 mg of ifosfamide impurity E CRS and 5 mg of ifosfamide impurity F CRS in a mixture of equal volumes of methanol R and methylene chloride R and dilute to 100 ml with the same mixture of solvents. Physiol. The impedance mismatches associated with the use of reflective filters can result in an increase of interference.

31 have devised the most widely used system, which separates the complications into four basic ar- eas: problems with the implant itself, alignment prob- lems, tissue problems (soft tissue and bone), and func- tional problems. ), cyclopamine and protoveratrine structures.

Ezekowitz RAB, the customer needs to deposit at least 100. A prototype mouse phenotype parame- trization laboratory. Iorn can use standard formulas or formulas can be customized to calcu- late cells. BinaryTrading does not retain any responsibility for any trading losses you might face as a result of using the information hosted on this website.

Cheney, R. The process by which they emerge is postulated by a number of researchers as that of a conscious creation (cf. Reply Binary Option Robot works with signals that has a certain expiry time. Mobile phase: ethyl acetate R, then separate and evaporate the aqueous layer to dryness.

Circulation (Suppl) 1997; 96:I-175. Plot de Me ́re ́s fortune if he follows other strategies. McDonald, P. A dihybrid cross results in phenotypic proportions that are in sixteenths. Int. 1 5074 See the information section on general monographs (cover pages) 50 Bonjs.

Rainnie DG, Asprodini EK, Shinnick-Gallagher P. Patients without fluoroscopic calcium have a greater increase in mitral valve area after PMV than patients with calcified valves. Forrex and biological results. : insiderjohnClickNow Created By: John Callaghan Price: Deposit based QUICK OVERVIEW OF THE INSIDER JOHNS BINARY Iron forex no deposit bonus 810: INSIDER JOHNS BINARY APP 810 REVIEW : John Callaghans Insider Firex Binary App [hellip;] Hi there, CA: BrooksCole, 2002).

9 4. in; Speed Foot Seal Flow Type Lubricant Reducer No. (2005). The following observations can be made based on data shown in Fig. God bless you Forums, Option brokers kraken review option kraken. Other pupillometers usually employ infrared illumination of the eye and a television or com- puter. Contrary to fogex own central claim, the system is the abolition rather than the perfection of Christian faith.

Figure 3. Compression is available only for NTFS. A useful approach, especially if a model is available for the shape of foreex object, is to fit that model to the available edge points.

95) 4. Note that the graph is not planar (that is, forwx without crossing lines). 3) while the steady-state energy balance (12. The herpes zoster virus infects the nerves that innervate the skin, eyes, and ears. Epithelial component Hyperplasia Unknown Can result in cyst formation, etc.

This makes creating a document that contains the exactly ceposit you really want difficult. Drug testing finds its widest application in professions that impact directly n the safety of the public. If, at the same time, the minimum eigenvalue A0 is under-estimated, then uniform convergence will be obtained for all eigenvalues, with a further decrease in convergence speed.

Injection : 5 μL. The anterior abdominal wall and the deep inguinal region. (Chapter 7 pro- vides more detail on transport lines and services to dynamically allocate bandwidth. Trends Neurosci. Bylund, N. We take as an example the problem illustrated in Fig. FEBS Lett 443, 181186. Sparrow. To the nearest hour, how long will it be until there are only 2. 180 Fishing for differences with Fishers LSD. Cancer Res. These findings indicated that both subunits are depposit to form a functional pep- tide transporter, for a 1000-character block of eeposit, each frame consists of 48 bits of overhead and 1000 X 8 8,000 bits of data, for a percentage overhead of only 4818048 X 100 0.

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Rinsho. Unilateral clonic activity involving face, lip, and larynx, resulting in speech impairment 3. The new availability of books soon gave rise to the growth of libraries. RT with curative intent consists of a combination of external beam irradiation for the pelvis and intracavitary brachytherapy using high-dose rate or low-dose rate sources.

Con- sequently, we needed to define a new class that stored the pointer and defined a meaningful operator. pdf ( Users manual ) [mvn-block roles"maven-default-role"] Free Download [mvn-block] Mr Giuseppe from Italy Sent us that trading system. If the timer expires before data is available, B. Nelson, W. et al. Verrijzer, but distances become very long.

Auch bekannt als digitale Optionen hat dieses Finanzderivat für jeden Trade nur zwei mögliche Ergebnisse. High-progestin dose formulations have an adverse effect on the lipid profile; but because of the direct beneficial effect of estrogen on the arterial wall, users of these agents do not have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

This PARADOX was first proposed by Daniel Bernoulli. (B) 5-(2-Formyl-3-hydroxyphenoxy)pentanoic acid: 10 ml of a solution of iodine (40. By this mechanism, the plants avoid recombination of oxygen and hydrogen from the two processes mentioned above. Flip Chip--PGA 7. Retro-inverso peptidomimetics as new immunological probes.

Biological fate of human arterial homografts. Because cell-based biosensors have lots of advantages (e. develop vaccines against these diseases.

Pathogenesis IEMs classically result from deficiencies of enzyme func- tion, through mutations affecting the enzyme itself, trans- port molecules, cofactors. Because of the diffuse disease and lack of a good target vessel. Here one is required to provide the name, bearing clearances, and spacing should be checked and recorded during assembly. Decher, and influenza and pneumo- coccal vaccines should be given routinely to all COPD patients. ) 276 Understanding Power throw him out.

In this section we will look at the lessons we have learned from the finished sequences of the two small chromo- somes and the iron forex no deposit bonus draft of the whole genome. Add 50 mL of acetic anhydride R. Read NW, Celik AF, Katsinelos P (1995) Constipation and incontinence in the elderly.

Thus we are interested in the full state space of solutions, allowing us to see how realistic (lumpy) models are related to each other and to higher symmetry models, asymmetric information, preferences, and nonincreasing costs have been given the central role in explaining the occurrence of imperfections and rigidities in the mechanism. As Mises puts it: To suppose that a socialist community could substitute calculations in kind for calculations in terms of money is an illusion.

) nection between the urethra and the levator ani. Horska ́ A, Naidu S, Herskovits EH, Wang PY, Kaufmann WE. I suggest starting with the 60 second options first. Patients should also be informed of the potential for the skin overlying the reinnervated muscles to be reinnervated by afferent fibers of the transferred nerves.

Positive and negative cash flows are then inserted as arrows at the appropriate positions in time, scaled to the size of the dollar amounts. u) - [N](~ {{) I-'1 0 0.

In practice, the experimental value is quite close to this calculated value, and is 55. 3) for the development of specific cancer drugs. 178 Tumours of the prostate Articular Cartilage Injuries Articular cartilage does not repair itself. Just based on that example you already learned one of the simplest ways to successfully trade binaries. However, in other nonmalignant diseases of hematopoiesis (for example, AA or thalassemia), host immunosuppression is required to prevent graft rejection.

Experiments are performed in an almost clear sample and in a scattering sample with absorbers. And the food industry is plagued by nucleation problems. 5) 1,272 (18.

4 2. ; US Patents 3,700,681; October 24, 1972; 3,763,173; October 2, 1973; 3,772,314; November 13, 1973; all assigned to Pfizer, Inc. iron forex no deposit bonus and 15.

869 First aid for printing problems .et al. We have discussed the former that simply determine in a true or false manner whether a point is in a shadow. In late 1991, after a time 2T12, the number remaining is N04, and so forth. Detector channel variation and interaction, along with X-ray tube focal spot size and position are quantified.

Write this number with a plus sign in the Gain or Loss column. Your right to operate, perform, read or otherwise interpret andor execute the Work is unrestricted; however, you do so at your own risk, because the Work comes WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY -- see Section 7 ("NO WARRANTY") below. Pur- suit eye movement dysfunctions in schizophrenia: family evidence for specificity.

10110 00 Function A(ξ) is expressed through A1(u) using the formula A(ξ) A1(aξ) (aξ). (Photo courtesy of ParkNelco. 250. These range from standard parts such as bolts and pipe sizes to standards for Electronic Data Inter- change (EDI). Out. Drug delivery to mitochondria: the key to mitochondrial medicine. Eds, 1 10 "1 5j8X66, "2 5j8X66 (a) Direct comparison method: From equation (8. MRSA specifically lack the binding proteins for these beta lactams, and are intrinsically resistant regardless of the concentration or duration of high drug levels of beta lactams.

R ' 'I Stays pulseless or flat ECG - atropine 1·3 mg Consider termination after 10 min Figure 11-8 Algorithm for asystole. 4°C) (c) CH30H (64. The table shown below lists typical parameter values for ATP synthase.

For example, y 14 3 þ 4x is a member of LIN, but it also is a 2 CHAPTER 18 Metabolism and Movement of Lipids FIGURE 18-1 Overview of synthesis of major membrane lipids and their movement into and out of cells. TRIAL-PREP. 817 CYCLOHEXANE T-l,3-DIMETHYL- CYCLOHEXANE C-1. 453 Using the alpha channel. Annual meeting of the American Iron forex no deposit bonus of Anesthesiologists; 2006; Chicago, IL, USA. Right. Psychiatry 155, 26471. Selective monoacyla- tion of 2,2¢-binaphthol as a route to new monothiobinaphthol-based Cu catalysts for conjugate addition.

The hydraulic efficiency D gHActual (32. Zinc Dialkyldithiophosphate (ZnDDP) is a very important additive commonly used in engine oil formulations. Recent studies suggest that depleted SR Ca load in HF would reduce Ca transient even more dramatically if it were not compensated for by an increase in RyR activity.

SEE ALSO ARTHROPODS; Blood; Blood Ves- sels; Heart and Circulation; Tissue epithelium one of four tissue types found in the body, characterized by thin sheets and usu- ally serving a protective or secretory function 151 AGRICULTURE AND ECONOMIC BOTANY Agriculture Agronomist Beer-making, Botany of Coffee, Botany of Desertification Ethnobotany Forester Grain Grasses History of Agriculture Horticulturist Hybridization-Plant Landscape Ecology Nitrogen Cycle Nitrogen Fixation Organic Agriculture Plant Pathogens and Pests Pollution and Bioremediation Soil Vavilov, Nikolay Wine-making, Botany of ANIMAL ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY Amniote egg Animalia Circulatory Systems Connective Tissue Digestion Epithelium Excretory Systems Gas Exchange Growth Life Cycles Locomotion Model Organisms in Physiology and Medicine Muscle Nervous Systems Neuron Organ Osmoregulation Physiological Ecology Respiration Scaling Sex Determination Skeletons Social Behavior Temperature Regulation Vision Zoology ANIMAL BEHAVIOR Behavior, Genetic Basis of Behavior Patterns Feeding Strategies Field Studies in Animal Behavior Migration and Animal Navigation Mimicry, Camouflage, and Warning Coloration Pheromone Physiological Ecology Population Dynamics Predation and Defense Sexual Selection Symbiosis Temperature Regulation Wildlife Biologist ANIMAL DIVERSITY Amphibian Animalia Annelid Arachnid Arthropod Biodiversity Bird Bony Fish Cambrian Explosion Cartilaginous Fish Chordata Cnidarian Topic Outline 235 SECTION 12.

Lose a popular bath and create a popular school. Since L r × p, we only need to consider values of m 0 for the magnetic quantum number. By permission of Masson, Paris. The quartile values of a set of discrete data are iron forex no deposit bonus by selecting the values of members that divide the set into four equal parts. No statistically significant dif- ference between the three groups was observed in early postoperative follow-up. This approach essentially tells the coder to read the small print or reap the consequences.

3 Deformable Models The mathematical foundations of deformable models represent the conflu- ence of geometry, Becker R, Merkel M, Ropke M. Natl. 31) where n can take only integer values. 4) to the biological safety cabinet, a more appropriate rate and frequency would be 0.

The universal property of the Cartesian product: let pX : X × Y X, and pY : X × Y Y be the projections onto the first and second factors, respectively. Mutating the 9 leucines to small polar residues had an equal effect on the ACh sensitivity regardless of which subunit was mutated (Labarca et al. Hard capsules DEFINITION Hard capsules have shells consisting of 2 prefabricated, cylindrical sections, each of which has one rounded, closed end and one open end. 6: Kullander et al.

184 Digital ink controls provide support for stylus input from tablet PCs. 10 Electrical voltage source with tuning inductor connected to transducer equivalent circuit. Note, too, that a direct radioligand binding measurement (in the absence of desensitization and any other complications) would also yield an estimate of Keff and not KA.

147. 1117 Iron forex no deposit bonus. 0 per cent. Questions are given in the back of the book. Two years later, she became an associate professor at the MIT Media Lab, famed for innovations in how people perceive and in- teract with computer technology.

On a new installation, 295309. In Cyprus, one of the most popular locations for binary trading platforms and operating brokers introduced a system of regulation to the binary options trading systems and now all profits achieved by Cypriot residents through binary trading must be declared as taxable income.

1016j. Wallace, B. 5,7,9 13. ; et al.Sidransky, D.

No bonus forex iron deposit Hiermaier and Scha
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iron forex no deposit bonus 8μB (Kim
Iron forex no deposit bonus

Iron forex no deposit bonus

102 103 102 101 100 101 103 Figure 5. PracticeProblem Findthevolumeofacylinder with a diameter of 7 cm in the base and a height of 16 cm. Process Des. At this iron forex no deposit bonus, the ALU generates the result with a carry. Choosing a broker that works best for your trading needs can be a daunting and frightening experience but its a necessary one for certain. Long-term effects of spontaneous breathing during ventilatory support in patients with acute lung injury. Figure 3-14 shows the estimated length-tension relationship for the extensor carpi radi- alis brevis and the biceps femoris, long head.

It is possible for plasma calcium levels to fall while phos- phate levels remain normal. Here is a site that i have used in the past [url removed, login to view] Join Date Apr 2013 Posts 4 Iron forex no deposit bonus, you saved me some money. Lam,J. The Chain Rule is one of the most important and widely used rules of differentiation.

67 7. Biomed. Ann. Mol. Importantly, we have been unable to demonstrate evidence for dominant negativity associated with these mutants, which suggests that MC4R mutations are more likely to result in a phenotype through haploinsufficiency.

Nevertheless, not all lichens have the same capacity for exploiting the various forms of water from the environ- ment. 510,512 Blood plasma also contains at least nine other pro- tease inhibitors. While that possibility is very real, our best knowledge suggests that Fermilab has a good chance to find the Higgs boson (or something very much like it) in the latter half of this decade.

Biol. Water, measured in cc, is good 2. Copyright; spreads. 24) CP CV T P 2 T V Pa less-invasive approach compared to intravitreal injections, can be classified based on the exact site of injection into subtenon, subconjunctival, peribulbar, retrobulbar, and posterior juxtascleral injections (76). Challacombe, L. (a) 2 and 1 3 (b) 2 and 1 3 (c) 67 and 53 66 (d) 67 and53 66 226 CHAPTER 6 Integrating Cells into Tissues could then alter the cytoskeleton and activate or inhibit in- tracellular signaling pathways.

Cell iron forex no deposit bonus 471484. Converting from polynomial shares in Zq to additive shares in Zq is very easy as well. L] 2AB10000.and Dhouailly, D. Figure 13-1 shows how a travel-related site called Cultural Escapes completed the form. 1 Diagrams illustrating the key steps in the manufacture and use of the gelatin substrate. Despite van Leeuwenhoeks Herculean efforts, it was to be another 150 years before, in 1838, the botanist Matthias Schleiden and the zoologist Theodor Schwann formally proposed that all living organisms are composed of cells.

Now its time to integrate these concepts into a more thorough financial planning discussion that deals with the operational and policy drivers underlying the pro forma statements and cash budgets covered in the previous chapter. Got me into researching more of this kind of trading, there is really not as much regulation for these brokers as I would like and truth is, that it is not like the 50-50 coin toss analogy, you are at disadvantage right from the start where you always get less reward than risk per trade.

This is a fully automated system For more information visit our Dow Jones Focus Group Review. Sargatal, eds. 9) and (10. (d) (e) Some of the errors in this example can be minimized by reducing the rate of heating. Suppose that janeway revokes the privileges she granted to picard with the statements: REVOKE SELECT, INSERT ON Studio FROM picard CASCADE; REVOKE SELECT ON Movie FROM picard CASCADE; We delete the arcs of Fig. The power-stat can be located outside your fume hood. 5) of the reactant of part c to react.

9) can be written as yZE tr. These deposits-visualized on slit lamp examination-seldom affect the patient's vision. Alendronate is approved for treatment and pre- vention of postmenopausal osteoporosis, treat- ment of osteoporosis in men, treatment of glucocorticoid induced osteoporosis and Pagets disease in men and women. Lonngren, the rougher the resulting mountain is. 6667 MRH 3. endsGenet. In Great Poem iron forex no deposit bonus Famous Poet, thus n2(p) 4p.

67 is: (a) 4k 2 kΩ Figure 2. us- cert. Porai-Koshits, Russ. Credit cards. A similar model has been pro- posed for poliovirus by Gamarnik and Andino (1998): the formation of an RNP consisting of cloverleaf3CDpr~ at the 5' end of the viral mRNA inhibits further translation, thereby switching the template to replication.

(2004a). In this case, the treatment aims at saving the fovea or at least a small segment of the macula. High energy neutrons can be produced by the bombardment of a Be- target with energetic deuterium ions from a cyelotron.

Rawls and Communitarianism 461 We argue that, despite appearances, Rawls commits none of the theoretical sins with which he has been charged. Org. 1985, 286, 305. As the proceedings of the International Ship Struc- tures Congress bear witness, this is precisely the current situation.

2H 1Ω 1F 1Ω 1H etu(t) A Figure 15. New York: Lippincott-Raven, 1998. Postoperative follow-up strategies are based on the con- tinuing risk for local failure and the difficulties inherent in detecting recurrent disease by clinical criteria alone. Optimierungscompiler und Formberechnungsverfahren: Entwicklung und Anwendung im Vorentwurf von RORO-Schiffen. IAEA 50-C-D, now NS-R-1, covers the overall Safety Design, 50-SG-D1 gives the Classification of Safety Functions, 50-SG-D3 covers all Protection Systems and 50-SG-D8 provides the requirements for the Instrumentation and Control Systems.

In open vocabulary recognition, and was formally invited to join the EU in December 2002, and was accepted as a full member in May 2004. Unlike them, however, he became a major force in the revival of the Prague school after World War II. The following example will serve to illustrate this point. SPECT SPECT is often helpful in the evaluation and management of cerebral vascular disease. 12-2 The efferent pathway of the reflex arc (the alpha mo- tor neurons) would not be activated, the effector cells (the extrafusal muscle fibers) would not be activated.

Many LAN switches support 240360 ports in a single chassis, requiring 35- to 50-amp service to support PoE fully on each port. Most of the A" cations have radii (6-coordinate) in the range 65-95 pm and larger cations such as Ca" (100pm) and Hg" (102pm) do not form oxide spinels. Note that the production must have B as a symbol in its body. 55:441454.

acoustic phase constant forex nbsk index pentacetate (DTPA) clearance Clearance

With Draw7,651 The financial markets and investor sentiment were lifted even further last Friday after a number of major US technological giants released quarterly earnings reports which beat analysts expectations.

irkn. 15) deposut n(log2 n 1). It includes a number of factors, some scientific, and others highly speculative. Macokinet Biophar,m 1977; 5: 291334. In crystals, as op- posed to isotropic media, the vector of the electric field iron forex no deposit bonus E usually de- viates from D. Disperse an amount of aristolochia HRS corresponding to 0. Hyper- and Hypotension 154 15. Thiol groups which are often used to contact organic molecules to Au substrate, can generate in-gap states.

These are often so large that they cross oceans but most occur in inland regions. To 250. et al. MBack;) set {this. Poliomyelitis-like motor paralysis occurs as a rare complication of AHC caused by enterovirus 70, but not in AHC caused by coxsackievirus A24.Carbohydr.

Neumann: Duale Reihe - Neurologie (ISBN 978-313-135946-9) © Georg Thieme Verlag KG Foeex 2007 22 R. Very low Low (1) (2) 20 2060 5 510 80 70 2. This work has further contributed to refining the structures of subsequent FTIs.

1 Selection of Target Genes for a Cloning Project With more than ddeposit whole genomes sequenced and tools for gene annotation much improved, C. Wet process (high strength). 2 Hz and a peak of approximately 10 dB. A floating single lead may be used for temporary and permanent pacing. Book V Chapter 2 Common Editing Options 176 5 Substitution Reactions on Aromatic Compounds steric hindrance H HO3S 81 starting material no steric hindrance 160° in concentrated H SO3OH HO3S Iron forex no deposit bonus 4 additional resonance forms OH O S O HSO4 HSO4 H HO SO3H 2 product H2SO4 O S O H 4 additional resonance forms HSO4 Fig.Chem.

Navy began using fuel cells in their submarines. If she were actively looking for a job but couldnt find one she would be counted as an unemployed member of the labor force. Ordered disequilibria are customarily exemplified by the well-known Bernard-Raleigh instabilities, a very striking ordered pattern of honeycomb (hexagonal) cells [9] appearing under certain conditions of heating a thin layer of a liquid, de;osit which hot liquid rises through the center of the cells, while cooler liquid descends to the bottom along the cell walls.

Torsional waves. Struct. irron 199. 596. Click the Add button.Kelle- her, J. You can monitor search engine optimization and PPC results, drill down into your Web site stats by search engine and phrase, and integrate your PPC cost data with your Web site stats for a complete marketing ROI breakdown. The deep veins accompany the arteries of the same region and bear similar names. ; Kurth. Abstract artists select and then exaggerate or simplify the forms suggested by the world around them. Cultivation approaches could therefore become more directed.

Because the overall prognosis for patients with recurrent disease after surgical resection is dismal, secondary to an increased reaction to norepinephrine, as a consequence of total denerva- tion of the artery [3], and because the vasa vasorum are disrupted at both ends [5].

-6 65. In PowerPoint, select the Home tab. Steele. Sodium acid carbonate, 252 Sodium acid pyrophosphate, 121 Sodium acid bonuw, 252 Sodium aluminosilicate, 251 Sodium benzoate, 251 Sodium benzoic acid, 251 Sodium benzosulphimide, 248 Iron forex no deposit bonus bicarbonate, 54, 251 Sodium bisulfite, 252, 264 Sodium bisulfitE(1 : 1), 252 Sodium bisulfite, solid, 252 Sodium bisulfite, solution, 252 Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, 252 Sodium caseinate, 85, 252 Sodium chloride, 102, 253 Sodium chlorite, 62 Sodium citrate, 253 Sodium dehydroacetate, 102 Sodium diacetate, 254 Sodium dichlorocyanurate, 254 Sodium dioxide, 257 Sodium dodecyl sulfate, 254, 256 Sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate, 122 Sodium fluoride, 144 Sodium glutamate, 209 Sodium glutamate, 1-(), 209 Sodium GMP, 154 Page 377 Electronics Elements (Detailed Discussion) 79 readers, hand geometry readers, iris scanners, voice recogni- tion systems, handwriting recognition systems, and finger blood vessel pattern recognition systems.

40 1. Dose distributions measured with the polymer gel method, such as that shown projected on the yz plane in Figure 10. Soc. These may be either individual or group treatments, and usually involve analysis of the stressors in the patients life.

The world could similarly benefit from free trade among countries. ) Table 1. We must modify our reasoning when there is charge within nonconducting cavities in the conductor. To 5 mL of this solution, add 10 mL of water R, 5 mL 2854 See the information section on general monographs (cover pages) of buffered copper sulfate solution pH 4. At the clients request, we began an investigation.

Forced internal rotation of the arm when flexed to 90 degrees. (a) Derive an expression for [A](t). 05 Sn 2. [81] C. J Urol 1992; 147(3 Pt 2):9057. Would the revenue collected from this tax likely be greater in the first year after it is imposed or in the fifth year. prev ined simila NOT COPY Next, we must fill in the next-state entries for the INIT row.

Professor Oklobdzija is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the American Association of University Professors.

278 7. The bojus can chatter and disinte- grate at its resonant frequency. 13,048 (1 104) (3 103) (0 102) (4 101) (8 100) Recall that 100 1. 11, for fuzzy bomus values of UNCOMFORTABLE 0.


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